Digital life - D21 special study
February 17, 2021

Digital life - D21 special study

Digital life - gender differences and role models in private, professional and interpersonal life

The study "Digital Life - Gender Differences and Role Models in Private, Professional and Interpersonal Life", commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, sheds light on how the digital participation of men and women is structured in different areas of life. It asks experts from a wide range of fields about possible reasons for gender differences and uses secondary studies to explain why stereotypical gender role models in particular stand in the way of equitable participation.

The evaluations are based on the content of the D21 Digital Index 2019/2020, which is revised and modified annually in the partner group to keep pace with current developments. The special evaluation of the D21 Digital Index is supplemented by secondary studies and expert interviews.

ITM conducted this study for Initiative D21 e. V. and was responsible for the analysis and interpretation of the study results from the D21 Digital Index, for research and integration of secondary studies, the creation of the study texts and the final design and placement of the texts and graphics within the publication incl. coordination of the graphics agency.

Key findings:

  • Home office is used significantly more often by men - especially when children live in the household. 21% of working men use home offices, but only 9% of working women.
  • Women see fewer advantages in their working lives as a result of digitization. Employers promote compatibility for fathers and mothers alike, but fathers experience the advantages for quality of life and work much more strongly.
  • Women move cautiously in social networks, are more active in moderated forums than open platforms. They also tend to be more cautious with personal data. Opportunities for social and political engagement through social media are seen primarily by young men, but also by half of young and highly educated women.

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