Enterprise Architecture Management

Successful IT management is not only the result of optimally designed IT governance, it is also based on the definition of processes, the selection of methods and tools, and the provision of information and training.

For more than 20 years, ITM has been successfully active in the field of architecture management consulting. As a member of the Open Group and partner of manufacturers, as well as due to the close cooperation with universities and the successful EAM projects in practice, ITM draws on scientific knowledge as well as practical experience.

EAM approach. From the vision and strategy of a company to the project portfolio.

Why EAM?

Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) is already a mainstay for strategic planning and IT management in many companies. It not only provides comprehensive transparency about the business and IT architecture, which can reduce costs and minimize risks, but also enables the systematic development of new (digital) business models, the conception of target architectures and the derivation of roadmaps to achieve them. Do you also want to exploit the potential of EAM in your company? We support you in all steps from the introduction to the implementation of transformation projects.

Tools for the EAM

Successful architecture management is also a question of efficient tools. This is all the more true the larger and more complex the company's IT landscape is. The use of an EAM tool supports the creation of consistent IT development plans, the systematic collection and analysis of requirements, the connection to project portfolio planning, and the verification of compliance with IT standards in the company. We integrate EAM tools into the overall landscape of your organization and provide you with the best practices for a target-oriented realization of your projects.

EAM with LeanIX

ITM has been a partner of LeanIX for more than 8 years and has already carried out many successful projects with the tool.

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EAM with Alfabet

For more than 15 years, ITM has been successful in consulting around Alfabet (formerly planningIT).

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