Study on the future - life, work, education
June 23, 2020

Study on the future - life, work, education

Future study places the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of life, work and education.

The future study MÜNCHNER KREIS VIII places the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of the areas of life, work and education. It is based on the exciting question of how we will work, live and learn in an AI-influenced world in 2035+ and what implications this will have for shaping the future.

In close cooperation with the Innovation Centre for Industry 4.0, ITM was responsible for the complete implementation of the study, including coordination of all study partners, study concept, expert survey, analysis, organisation of the workshops and writing of the study texts, coordination of the graphics agency and final editing of the publication.

More than 500 experts from the fields of digitalisation, technology and AI were interviewed in a two-stage Delphi survey. In the process, 53 theses on the future were presented and evaluated (estimation of time of entry, effects, relevant actors, etc.).

Thanks to the patronage of the Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs, the interdisciplinary partner consortium and the large number of experts, it has been possible to work on the underlying topic from different perspectives. The insights gained with regard to an AI-influenced future are intended to provide suggestions and impulses for a meaningful design of a human-centred world of life, work and education.

Result: The changes induced by AI in our social life, in the work and education system are closer than we think. This gives rise to a wide range of implications and design issues for individuals and society that we still need to talk about - this gives us the chance to shape the future use of AI in a joint dialog. Overall, it has also become clear that transparency and public benefit are important requirements for a future AI technology.

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