Trend and future research

Successful IT management is not only the result of optimally designed IT governance, it is also based on the definition of processes, the selection of methods and tools, and the provision of information and training.

For more than 20 years, ITM has been successfully active in the field of architecture management consulting. As a member of the Open Group and partner of manufacturers, as well as due to the close cooperation with universities and the successful EAM projects in practice, ITM draws on scientific knowledge as well as practical experience.

Trend and future research. Our approach from the research question to the result.

Our approach

We are an enthusiastic team with expert knowledge in user-centered future, trend and innovation research with a focus on digital transformation. Through our flexible research approach, we combine different quantitative and qualitative research methods to meet the individual needs of our clients. In doing so, we work closely with our partners to reach our goal in an open-ended and solution-oriented manner. We are characterized by an agile, creative and fact-based approach.

Our methods

Within the scope of our research projects, we work with common and proven methods such as the Delphi method, future pictures, qualitative in-depth interviews, workshops, desk research, quantitative online surveys (population, experts, employees) and agile methods such as design thinking. The results of the respective research process flow into appealing reports and studies, which are often also published. You can find a selection of our publications at

ITM & D21

ITM is a member of the Initiative D21 e.V. and has already published several studies together with D21.

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ITM & Munich Circle

ITM is active in the network of M├╝nchner Kreis e.V. and conducted the last future study.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a typical project work?

First and foremost, we talk intensively with the customer and try to understand his needs, e.g. in the course of a detailed kick-off meeting. As a rule, we then work closely with our customers (commercial enterprises, ministries, associations and academic research institutions) at eye level throughout the entire project phase. We do not see ourselves as a classic service provider who simply fills a research order.

Which topics & industries are covered?

Our research focus is on the topic of digital transformation from a human and societal perspective. We want to better understand people, how they cope with digitization and the associated change, and also what trends there are in the course of this transformation. While we often work in an interdisciplinary way, thematically the following focal points have emerged in recent years: Work & Education, Sustainability & Mobility, E-Government, Diversity & Gender, Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What research methods does ITM use?

We work with the complete spectrum of market and social research and combine this with methods from futurology. The following is an overview of our repertoire:
- Quantitative and qualitative surveys/interviews (online, telephone, face-to-face | population, customers, experts, employees, special target groups | anonymous and personalized | B2C and B2B)
- Desk research (secondary research)
- (Expert) workshops
- Development of indices and weightings
- Delphi method, future pictures and scenarios.

How and what results are delivered?

As a rule, we deliver at least one report (usually in PowerPoint format, sometimes as a Word document) or even create a publication (PDF set in layout). However, there are also projects where the delivery of raw data, interview protocols or tables is explicitly requested. Alternatively, we also like to work with online result presentations in Miro (e.g. results of qualitative research phases as clustered "maps") or as a dashboard (for quantitative surveys). Ideally, we combine several research phases (e.g. desk research, qualitative survey, quantitative survey) in terms of content in the results report (regardless of format) and also prepare summary and recommendations.

What distinguishes ITM in the field of trend & future research?

We are a small enthusiastic team and we work customer-oriented, agile and flexible. With us, there are no standard tools that always have to be sold, we work tool and method-independently and adapt situationally per project. Overall, we have a lot of experience in classic market research as well as trend and future research. Many of our research projects end up being published - which means we also have a lot of experience in creating study publications.

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